Carbon Capture and EOR

The management of CO2 emissions requires experience in the capture, purification, transportation and handling of CO2 through a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

ANDMIR’s team of engineers and fabricators have decades of experience in CO2 capture, purification and management. Our experience has been demonstrated in projects we have undertaken around the world across a range of process conditions.

We have executed projects associated with oil and gas production, refining and CO2 sources from industrial and chemical processes. The projects we have completed include the capture, purification, transportation, pressure management, disposal and storage of CO2. The process pressures have ranged from atmospheric through 35,000 KPa.

Our projects have successfully managed CO2 in gaseous, liquid and supercritical forms through compression and pumping. Purification, including the removal of water, non-condensable contaminants and other impurities have been engineered and fabricated in house.