Addheat® Downhole Heater

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques play a pivotal role in boosting oil extraction rates from reservoirs, presenting a crucial asset for the oil and gas sector.

ANDMIR’s innovative Downhole Electric Heater, known as Addheat®, stands as a premier solution for enhancing well productivity while reducing the necessity for costly interventions. It proves especially beneficial in addressing challenges associated with wax buildup and high oil viscosity in problematic wells. Addheat® has achieved full commercialization for both onshore and offshore applications, catering to artificial lift and natural flow wells.

With a global presence, Addheat® has been successfully deployed in optimizing wellbore and near-wellbore electric heating, benefiting over 4,000 wells worldwide. This cutting-edge technology substantially contributes to maximizing well on-stream time and productivity.

Addheat® offers the following unique advantages

  • Reduces production fluid viscosity for heavy oil production.
  • Increases production fluid temperature to eliminate flow issues due to wax precipitation or hydrate formation.
  • Quick return on investment
  • Industry leading reliability and power efficiency.
  • Can be deployed using the existing configuration.
  • Optimized for minimum power consumption.
  • Perfect technology for well automation.
  • Eliminates the need for chemical workovers.