Value Chain Management

Due to the trend towards globalizing internal and external supply chains into modules, it is increasingly difficult to manage complexity and develop an efficient management system.  ANDMIR has risen to this challenge by working with an integrated, high-performing supply chain management system for complex, multi-stage value chains which is a critical strategic factor for maintaining our competitive edge.

ANDMIR has a focused commitment to VCM and views it as a crucial component of our superior product offering. We define VCM as transporting the right product in the correct quality to the right location safely and on time. We have VCM resources positioned at the source of manufacturing and at the customers site for installation.

The aim is to guarantee the smoothest, standardized flow of materials and products through all stages of the value chain. ANDMIR VCM core competency delivers lower costs, improved throughput and higher profitability. Together with our preferred suppliers and strategic partners ANDMIR is continually improving our performance.