Thermal Wellhead

ANDMIR’s Thermal Wellhead has been installed in thousands of CSS, SAGD, Steam Flood and In-situ Combustion projects globally.  Our current manufacturing capacity is 5000 wellhead assemblies per year, most of which are being used in Thermal Heavy Oil production. 

  • Completed the industry’s best Performance Requirement Level 2 (PR2 API 6A).
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing for efficient customization.
  • Can be tailored to PSL 1-3 dependent on customer requirements.
  • PSL 3 Thermal Wellhead documentation and product tracking. 

SAGD Wellhead:

Capable of manufacturing a triple string wellhead unit specially developed for conducting SAGD production schemes as well as production testing of heavy oil. The unit consists of a Tubing Head Spool, Composite BOP, Gate Valve, Tubing Head Adapter, Coiled Tubing Sealing and Dual Tubing Hanger.

Typical SAGD Configuration:

  •          Working pressure 3,000 psi (21 MPa)
  •          Product Specification Level PSL 1,2,3
  •          Material Classification AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF
  •          Temperature Range -46° to 390°C
  •          Working Medium Oil, Water, Saturated Steam
  •          Seal Test Pressure 3,000 psi (21 MPa)
  •          Strength Test Pressure 6,000 psi (42 MPa)

Thermal Gate Valve:

XFF - Expanding Parallel Plate Type Gate Valve has the following advantages:

  •          PR2 Tested -46°C to 345°C
  •          Stem packing grafoil and grafoil composite
  •          Stem back seat
  •          Split Gate metal to metal seal
  •          Hard face gates/seats
  •          Low operating torque
  •          2-1/16” to 5-1/8”,  2000 to 5000 psi
  •          PSL1-3