Produced Water Treatment

ANDMIR’s Produced Water Treatment division dominates in the markets we serve. Our product line is commercially proven for Thermal Heavy Oil, Tight Reservoir Re-injection, and Polymer Flood injection.

  • Efficient oil in water separation eliminates need for Oil Removal Filters downstream.
  • Proven de-oiling process will guarantee < 10 ppm for both oil and TSS as long as the max concentrations are included in the design stage.
  • Robust process can handle upsets and oil slugs without disrupting normal operation.
  • More than 500 commercial installations globally in the produced water treatment.

The work horse of ANMDIR’s Produced Water Treatment processes is the de-oiling using state- of-the-art DAF/DGF Technology.

Dissolved Air/Gas Flotation (DAF/DGF) is a liquid/solid separation process that clarifies wastewaters by the removal of suspended matter such as oil and/or solids.

The removal of oil and or solids is achieved by dissolving gas in the water or wastewater under pressure and then releasing the gas at atmospheric pressure in a flotation tank. The released gas forms tiny bubbles which adhere to the suspended matter causing the suspended matter to float to the surface of the water where it will be removed by a skimming device.

A 40 gpm gas tight, plug and play, fully powered and skid-mounted DGF pilot unit is available for field test upon request. 

Dissolved Gas/Air Flotation:


Thermal Heavy Oil Recycling to OTSG Process Flow Diagram:


Polymer Flood Produced Recycling for Re-injection Flow Diagram:

Low Permeability Produced Water Re-injection Flow Diagram: