Downhole Electric Heater - ADDHEATTM

ANDMIR’s Downhole Electric Heater technology named ADDHEATTM is ideal for problem wells dealing with fluid viscosity and wax precipitation. This down-hole heater technology is currently fully commercialized for optimization schemes including well bore and near well bore heating with 4000 installations.  ADDHEATTM offers the following unique advantages.   

  • Reduces production fluid viscosity for Cold Heavy Oil Production at a very low OPEX.
  • Increases production fluid temperature to eliminate flow issues due to wax precipitation in Tubing.
  • Lower OPEX compared to hot oiling or chemical intervention.
  • Industry leading reliability and power efficiency.
  • Can be deployed using the existing configuration with minor changes to the wellhead.
  • Optimized for minimum power consumption utilizing a concentrated heating zone. 

Main Components

      1. Induction Heating Cable

Made from the highest quality materials and fabricated in our facility.  The outer sheath of the cable can be made with steel or high temperature fluoroplastic dependent on the service requirement.  Both cable systems are commercially proven. 

Heating cables can be spliced to allow for concentrated heat to ensure heating is applied to the area needed and to ensure conventional well cement is protected. Cable design will ensure power density is optimized to ensure the lowest possible operating cost. 

        2.  Intermediate Frequency Power Supply - PCM Series

Induction heating is more efficient and reliable for low power density application such as well optimization and wax abatement.  ANDMIR incorporates a proprietary medium frequency power converter to take power from a generator or from a transformer for down-hole heating. 

The medium frequency power converter is plug-and-play with CSA approval. The control system can be set on a timer or optimized for minimum power consumption.    

        3.  Wellhead Bypass

Dependent on the configuration and the wellhead design and manufacturer, Andmir's Addheat Technology has the wellhead tool and stuffing box required for safe and effective integration into the existing design on-site. 

       4.  Concentrated Below Pump Addheat ® Technology

ADDHEAT® Typical Configurations: